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Hey kids, firstly-welocome, nice navigation there, one day you can all tell your grandchildren about this great feat. To make a long story (hopefully) shorter, this is a site of expression for people who have seen the light-the light of all that is good.
Captain's Log...
the most amazing thing has happened, i have fallen in love with 4 boys at the same time. who? non-other than the beautifully haunting Sigur-ros; their music epitimises what it is to fall in love, voices soar, instuments climax and right where you are becomes the most beautiful place in the world.cry, smile but ultimately be moved. save your cash, screw the R1.50 shooters, if anything is going to change your life, these icelandic boys will.

the captain.

ps. nice pic of em hey?
What's Happening
FLUX FESTIVAL! yes yes southern-cross-time has rolled around again and its time to camp, chill and be merry:) the festival which features the likes of max normal (*swoon*); THC and Felix kicks off on the 30th Dec and warps us straight into 2002! check out for details and hope to c u there!

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Incredible Incubus
this pic was drawn by none other than Brandon Boyd- Incubus' insanely great frontman. Check out more of their art and read what they have to say about their new album "Morning View" at or their official site-

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